Center for Occupational Rehabilitation (COR) is one of only a few free-standing outpatient facilities on the East Coast that exclusively serve the rehabilitation needs of the disabled worker. That's all we do and that's one of the things that makes us different!

At COR, we take a 'sports medicine' approach to restoration of function, pain management, and work conditioning. That means that we focus on whole-body wellness including making sure that you have the aerobic fitness to last the whole day.

The latest outcome research informs us that some complex back surgeries, chronic narcotic or benzodiazepine use, and inadequate physical therapy may actually worsen the odds of return to a normal lifestyle and competitive employment. Time is of the essence. Being in pain and being out of work may not seem like an emergency to others; but it is to you and those who count on you. Our conservative, individualized approach to each injured worker assures that he or she receives the level of care that they require – not more, not less.